Man as Spirit, Soul, and Body: A Study of Biblical Psychology
by John Woodward D.Min.

“This book fills a unique niche in the emerging field of Christian discipleship counseling. Woodward takes on a challenging theological debate concerning the makeup of human beings and, in the process, builds a persuasive argument for the significant implications of a trichotomous view of human beings for the enterprise of Christian counseling. His fresh light on the subject is a thoughtful and invigorating invitation to pastors and professional and lay counselors alike, to rethink their assumptions about how we’re made and how hurting people can be helped.”
– Cary Lantz, Ph. D. Baptist Bible Graduate School, Clarks Summit, PA.

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Table of Contents

Foreword (online here)
Introduction (online here)

Part I. The Case for Man as Spirit, Soul and Body

Chapter 1. Alternate Models of Man’s Makeup (online here)

Chapter 2. The Trichotomous Model of Man’s Makeup
Man’s Constituent Parts
The Spirit
The Soul
The Body
The Heart: Not a Fourth Part of Man

Chapter 3. Biblical Word Studies
The Role of Word Studies
Terms Used for the Spirit
Terms Used for the Soul
Terms Used for the Body

Chapter 4. Trichotomy in Redemptive History
The Context of Biblical Redemption
The Fall
Physical Death
Bodily Resurrection

Chapter 5. Trichotomy in Church History
The Record of the Early Church
The Heresy of Apollinaris
The Trichotomy of Luther
The Resurgence of Trichotomy

Chapter 6. Holistic Trichotomy
Holistic Trichotomy Proposed
Analogies for Holistic Trichotomy
God’s Triunity
The Believer as the New Testament Tabernacle
The Nation of Israel
The United States of America
Three Parts of an Egg
The Spirit as an “Organ” of the Soul
The Human Brain

Chapter 7. Defending Trichotomy
Common Objections to Trichotomy
Interchangeability of Terms
Terms Used in the Great Commandment
Alleged Contradictions
The Role of Conscious Awareness
The Use of “Soul” in Relation To God
The Possibility of Heretical Deviation

Part II Implications for Biblical Counseling

Chapter 8. The Significance of Trichotomy in Biblical Counseling
The Centrality of the Bible in Christian Counseling
The Relevance of Biblical Psychology/Anthropology
The Use of Trichotomy in the Field of Biblical Counseling
The Exchanged Life Model
Ministries Using Trichotomy in Counseling

Transliterated Biblical Vocabulary
Diagrams Used to Illustrate Trichotomy
Physical, Soulical, and Spiritual Orientation in Counseling
The Relevance of Trichotomy in Spiritual Warfare
The Believer’s new Heart

Selected Bibliography

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