The following e-books present a spirit/soul/body model of man. (In your Adobe program or browser search “soul” and/or “spirit.”)

The Law of Liberty in the Spiritual Life, by Evan Hopkins
A classic on the dynamics of abundant living from a leader of the Keswick movement in England. Referenced Franz Delitzsch’s scholarly work (see below)

What is Man?, by T. Austin-Sparks
a pastoral book highlighting the relevance of man’s inner functioning

The Release of the Spirit, by Watchman Nee
Explains and illustrates with the role of brokenness in sanctification

Christian Principles, by G. Campbell Morgan. He advocated holistic trichotomy: (G_C_Morgan_pg_3 from chapter 1 “The Spiritual Nature of Man”)

For Me To Live Is Christ, By Charles Solomon
An eight lesson inductive Bible study (1st edition)

Some additional books that teach trichotomy:

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