T. Austin-Sparks

We see then, briefly, what it is that is born again; and, therefore, in the second place, what is indwelt by God. It is the spirit of man that is indwelt by God, not firstly the soul or the body. I know you may say the Word says: “What? Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?” Yes, that is true in the same sense as the outer court of the tabernacle was the place of God [like the body], and the holy place was the place of God [like the soul], but only in that sense. The essential, the primary place of God was the Holiest of all, the inner sanctuary, and God only filled the holy place and the court by reason of His being personally settled in the most holy place. And He only makes our souls and our bodies His dwelling place on the ground of His being personally resident within our spirits [like the Holy of Holies]. God does not dwell in our bodies alone or in our souls alone, and He does not dwell fully in either soul or body, or both. He overflows to them from the spirit, and in that sense, a vessel within vessels, He dwells in man. He dwells in the spirit of a child of God [1 Cor. 6:19,20].

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from The Nature of that which Issues in the Resurrection of Christ 
by T. Austin-Sparks, Chapter 4.
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