What is Man?

British pastor and author wrote with keen insight about this theme. See his ebook…

“Many who read this will be familiar with the position of psychology, and it is just here that we find that point which makes all the difference between the natural, which keeps God out, and the spiritual, which gives Him His full place. For here we find that the scriptural description of man runs entirely counter to the conclusions of ‘scientific’ psychology. We have observed that the psychologist will not allow the threefold description of man as spirit, soul and body, but only soul—or mind—and body. But still, the psychologist has to confess to the existence of a third element. He recognizes it, finds his chief interest and occupation with it, builds up a whole system of experimentation around it, and often borders on calling it by its right name. But to do so would be to give too much away; and Satan, who has the mind of the natural man well on leash, sees to it that in this, as in other matters, just the word is not used. The psychologist, therefore, recoils and calls the extra factor ‘the subconscious mind’, or ‘the subjective mind’, or ‘the subliminal self’, or ‘the secondary personality’, etc.”

Continue reading: http://austin-sparks.net/english/books/001339.html

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