Wealth, Walk, and Warfare

In her classic book on the epistle to the Ephesians, The Wealth, Walk, and Warfare of the Christian, Ruth Paxson wrote

Eph. 1:3. “With all spiritual blessings.”

The word “spiritual” designates the character of the blessings bestowed. A saint is one who has left the sphere of the natural and has come into the sphere of the spiritual. Henceforth his paramount needs are spiritual. He has become the possessor of a heaven-born nature, so he must have heaven-sent supplies to nourish and develop it. The saint has had implanted within him the eternal life of the Holy One, but he is traveling through an ungodly world, so moment by moment he needs life from above that he may live holily. Living in a non-spiritual world, he needs a spiritual atmosphere in which to breathe; spiritual food to eat; spiritual garments to wear; spiritual companions with whom to fellowship, spiritual exercise to keep fit and strong; spiritual strength to endure suffering and affliction; spiritual weapons with which to war.

The human personality consists of spirit, soul and body, as God has shown in I Thessalonians 5:23. In quoting man usually says “body, soul and spirit.” God’s order cannot be reversed. He always begins with the inner man, and works out to the outer man. To Him the spirit is paramount and is always put first. So God’s concern is for a daily spiritual renewal which will cause the saint to grow up into Christ in all things, working ever toward the goal of a greater perfection. Life in Christ commences with a spiritual birth; continues through spiritual growth; and consummates at His coming in spiritual perfection. (emphasis added)

from chapter 3: “The Wealth Designated

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