Physical Aspects of Psychological Health

One of the drawbacks of the monistic view of man is that there is not adequate attention given to one’s distinct parts. The apostles Paul and Peter referred tp their physical body as a distinct and separable part of them–a tent (2 Cor. 5:1; 2 Pet.1:13,14). Some ministries specialize in the physical aspect of man but from a biblical perspective. However, they may totally miss the spiritual solution(s). The complete provision of God will include spiritual, soulical, and physical guidance. Here is a re-post from a health ministry about the role of nutrition:

The Truth About Depression (& the Natural Solution)

When the last leaves of autumn drop and the cold chill of winter sets in, many people start to feel a sense of melancholy. Combine that with fewer hours of sunlight and less time with nature and that sad mood might deepen into a feeling of depression that’s persistent and pervasive. Even the months after Christmas and the New Year affect many people, as their mood dies down with the holiday spirit. Although the “winter blues” are common, it’s estimated that around 19 million Americans suffer from depression at any point during the year.

Depressed individuals, in addition to their own suffering, find that their families, friends, colleagues, community and church members all become affected too. Their productivity deteriorates along with their social lives. But there is hope. The path to wellness is understanding what depression is and how to fight it using a safe, natural and sustainable approach.

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