Beside Still Waters

Grace Fellowship field staff member, Cherri Freeman, has written a significant and practical book on Christ-centered recovery–especially for mothers. The concluding three chapters address these issues through the facets of a mom’s body, soul, and spirit.

“When our children enter the bondage of addiction, it seems impossible to find any peace in our lives. Instead of still waters, we feel as if we are in the middle of a roaring river.

“The mother-child relationship is unique among all human relationships. Not only do our children share our bodies for nine months, they are a permanent part of our hearts. When they begin to make troubling choices, the desire to “fix” things often leads to the trap of codependency and enabling. We just want to make things better; however, that can be the worst thing that we can do for our child.

“Beside Still Waters: Finding Peace in the Midst of Your Child’s Addiction is a guide for mothers as they walk through the heart-wrenching times of their child’s addiction, dealing with topics such as denial, worry, enabling, guilt feelings,codependency, legal issues, signs of addiction, and more. Written from a Christ-centered, Bible-based perspective, it can be used by individuals or as the curriculum for a mothers’ support group.

“For families that are being torn apart by addiction, there is hope. Moms with kids in addiction need to know that they are not alone. Hope is found in Jesus Christ, and He desires to lead moms “Beside Still Waters” to whisper that message of hope to their aching hearts. Cherri Raws Freeman understands firsthand how addiction can destroy a family member. Growing up at America’s Keswick, she saw hundreds of lives that have been restored through victory in Jesus. She has also been on your journey as a mom. She has experienced hope and now wants to share that hope with you.
– Dr. Bill Welte
President/CEO America’s Keswick”
It can be ordered here:

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