The Greatest Life

Jesus_Greatest_LifeJesus Christ: The Greatest Life Ever Lived

“All four Gospels in the Bible describe the story of the life of Christ-Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John-are inspired, critically important and able to stand alone. Each was written to a particular audience to portray a unique aspect of Jesus’ life. When these four reports are combined into one complete flowing narrative, we gain new insights. This combined account gives us the chronological order of every known fact about Jesus’ life and the teachings found in the four Gospels. Including every chapter and verse with nothing added and nothing left out.”

This scholarly book combines two previously published volumes (that were copyrighted by Western Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary). Johnson Cheney made a detailed study of the Gospels in Greek. Stanley Ellisen Th.D  worked closely with him on the first edition. In the passage on the temptations Jesus encountered (Matthew 4; Luke 4), they authors refer to Christ being tempted in “body, soul, and spirit” (page 41). Note the correspondence: the temptation to make stones into bread (body), the temptation to throw Himself from the top of the Temple (for instant recognition–soul), and the temptation of being given rule over the kingdoms of the world if He would worship the Devil (spirit).

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