In Adam or in Christ

“There are two segments of the human race that are at opposite poles; they are basically in antithesis. They dwell together because they are both members of the Family of Man. They are one genus, to use the zoological term. But something has happened to cause them to separate into two species within that genus, and this separation is at a far deeper and more fundamental level than mere genetics. The division is a result of a spiritual transformation that really constitutes a new creation – nothing less in fact, than rebirth. It is not a symbolic rebirth, like that achieved by ritual in some pagan religions of antiquity and even of today. It is a fundamental change in human nature, so great a change that it amounts to a genuine form of speciation . . . we indeed remain in the world, but we are no longer of the world.”
-Man in Adam and in Christ, by Arthur W. Custance

This distinction takes place in the human spirit. – JBW

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