Counseling Theory and the Scriptures

A new book has been published that critiques major secular counseling models from a biblical perspective.

“Counseling Theory and the Scriptures compares major counseling theories with the principles in the Scriptures on the belief that a biblical perspective of worth and value is essential for those searching for meaning and purpose. Clearly a chasm exists between psychology and the Scriptures relating to the primary “cause and effect” of the human condition. This book is a tool for individual counselors, students in counseling programs, faculty in Christian education, pastors, church staff and interested laypersons.”

Authors: Rick Surley, M.A. is a Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist and owner of New Beginnings Christian Counseling Clinic in San Antonio, Texas.  Roger Alliman, M.A. was a founding officer for Rapha and has taught at Colorado Christian University.

This volume also recognizes man as spirit, soul, and body. The text is available at


An Exceeding Righteousness

D. Martin Lloyd-Jones commented on Matthew 5:20:

“For to receive the grace of God in Jesus Christ means not only that my sins are forgiven because of His death for me on the cross…but also that I have been given a new nature [regenerated spirit].  It means that Christ is being formed in me [in my soul], that I have become a partaker of the divine nature, that old things have passed away and all things have become new [in my new spirit].  It means that Christ is dwelling in me, and that the Spirit of God is in me.  The man who has been born again, and who have the divine nature within him, is a man who is righteous and his righteousness does exceed that of the Pharisees [through justification and regeneration]. He is no longer living for self and his own attainments, he is no longer self-righteous and self satisfied.  He has become poor in spirit, meek and merciful.  He hungers and thirsts after righteousness. He loves God, yes, unworthily, alas, but he loves Him and longs for His glory [actually in the new spirit and progressively in the believer’s soul and behavior]. (This) is a righteousness that far exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees.”

Quoted by Tom Wood,

Bracketed words added to demonstrate the clarification provided through trichotomy. – JBW