Alpha Series

[This workbook applies an explicit spirit/soul/body model of man to discipleship and counseling.]

What is the Alpha Series? Is it a program? Is it a religion? The simplest answer is that the Alpha Series explains the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that ordinary people can understand and apply it to themselves. What makes the Alpha Series effective as a counseling model, discipleship course, training curriculum, or recovery tool is the fact that it is a practical application of the gospel which is “the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth…” (Romans 1: 16).

People are hungry for the gospel of grace but turned off by religion. Because the Alpha Series is not religious but biblical in nature most people will be receptive to the teaching regardless of their background and life experience. Religion is man’s attempt to manipulate deity by what he says or does. Biblical Christianity is a personal relationship with God based on believing in what He has done for us in Christ that we could not do for ourselves. The Alpha Series is simply an explanation of what the Bible says that God has done to make us worthy as persons. Whenever the gospel is taught it is the power of God that changes the lives of all who believe it.

The Alpha Series is constructed in three main parts. Part one describes the manner in which personal and relational problems develop from the core emotions of fear of rejection and fear of failure due to low self esteem. The insight gained in understanding how problems develop sets the stage for the application of the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only workable solution. Part two provides a biblical foundation on which to build a healthy self-image based entirely upon our new identity in Christ. The good news of our union with Christ is applied to the daily task of allowing ourselves to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Part three carries the gospel of our new identity in Christ to the logical end of ministering to the needs of others. Having been assured of our personal security in all that God has done for us in Christ, we have the confidence and power to concern ourselves with helping others. True recovery is not complete until we learn to minister rather than manipulate. For additional information on the Alpha Series and its application visit the Alpha Ministries website at