Our Spiritual Purpose

“With a perfect heart . . . to make David king” —1 Chronicles 12:38

What is the supreme purpose of our lives? The Israelites were of one heart to make David king. Is this our purpose, to prepare the Bride, to prepare the world, to prepare His way?

Does this objective dwarf and dim all other ambitions, all other cares? Does it fill and satisfy every capacity, every power, every desire? Does it absorb every moment, every energy, every resource? Does it give direction and tone to every plan and work of life? Does it decide for us the education of our children, the investment of our means, the friendships and associations of life, the whole activity, interest and outlook of our beings? Are we in it, spirit, soul and body-all we are, all we do, all we hope for-of one heart to make Jesus King?

A. B. Simpson,
Days of Heaven on Earth (Dec. 5th reading)