Altard“We are created to live in an altar’d state—surrendered, yielded, free. The noun altar is usually understood to be a place of worshipful offering. Something of value is offered up and released on the altar. When we turn the noun altar into a verb—altar our fear, our failure, our possessiveness, our need to control—all those things that hold us captive and keep us from running the race at full throttle are released. Through careful exposition and biblical teaching, celebrated author and prayer expert Jennifer Kennedy Dean guides readers on a 40-day exploration of the Scriptures and what it means to truly live a life dead to flesh and alive to the spirit. Let the altar do its work in you, transforming fear to faith, worry to worship. Each time that old pattern starts asserting itself in your thoughts, overlay it with the new reality: I’m altar’d. Jennifer is known for her imaginative reframing of eternal truth, and again she gives us a powerful revision of an ancient symbol. She first introduced us to the difference between a prayer life and a praying life, and now leads us to the power of living in an altar’d state. ”
– From Praying Life Foundation

This is an excellent, insightful Bible study. Jennifer also uses the “spirit, soul, body” perspective to give additional clarity to the process of practical sanctification. For a ordering information and  sample chapter, click here. -JBW