The Secret of Guidance

F.B. Meyer observed:

He [Christ] desires to be in us as His Father was in Him, so that the outgoings of our life may be channels through which He, hidden within, may pour Himself forth upon men.

It is not generally recognized. It is not; though that does not disprove it. We fail to recognize many things in ourselves and in nature around, which are nevertheless true. But there is a reason why many whose [spiritual] natures are certainly the temple of Christ, remain ignorant of the presence of the wonderful Tenant that sojourns within. He dwells so deep. Below the life of the body, which is as the curtain of the tent; below the life of the soul, where thought and feeling, judgment and imagination, hope and love, go to and fro, ministering as white-stoled priests in the holy place; below the play of light and shade, resolution and will, memory and hope, the perpetual ebb and flow of the tides of self consciousness, there, through the Holy Spirit, Christ dwells, as of old the Shechinah dwelt in the Most Holy Place, closely shrouded from the view of man [1 Cor. 6:19].

It is comparatively seldom that we go into these deeper departments of our being. We are content to live the superficial life of sense. We eat, we drink, we sleep. We give ourselves to enjoy the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. We fulfill the desires of the flesh and of the mind. Or we abandon ourselves to the pursuit of knowledge and culture, of science and art. We make short incursions into the realm of morals, that sense of right and wrong which is part of the make up of men. But we have too slight an acquaintance with the deeper and more mysterious chamber of the spirit. Now this is why the majority of believers are so insensible of their Divine and wonderful Resident, who makes the regenerated spirit His abode [1 Cor. 6:17].

(excerpt: The Secret of Guidance ch. 3 (Fleming H, Revell: 1896) emphasis added)

Christian Paths to Health and Wellness

An example of a college text book that focuses on physical health from a biblical worldview is this one. The authors set health in the context of redemption history and address the body in light of psychological (soul), and spiritual (spirit) dimensions.

Paths1“Christian Paths to Health and Wellness, Second Edition, offers a unique, faith-based perspective on the pursuit of wellness for body, mind, and spirit. Written for undergraduate students attending Christian universities, this updated edition also serves as a reference for anyone seeking God-pleasing guidance to make positive life changes.”